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Sunshine State?

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In less than two weeks, the Third District Court of Appeals will hear Melanie and Vanessa Alenier's case, in which the State of Florida seeks to overturn their adoption of Ethan because they are gay. I hope to blog live.

It's been an interesting month here in Florida. One in which Bill McCollum's efforts to become governor of our state have thankfully been put to an end for the present. And based on his comments recently in Florida Baptist Witness, I can say that I'm relieved to bid him farewell from the state political scene. Mr. McCollum was quoted as stating that he didn't even think that homosexuals should be allowed to be foster parents. I won't get into more of what Mr. McCollum posits in that interview here. One can characterize it as rather narrow-minded, to say the very least.

Today's Miami Herald has an eloquent op-ed column by Charles Perez, titled Florida Has It Wrong. Mr. Perez, a former ABC news affliate anchorman in Miami, speaks of the saga he and his husband Keith endured in their quest to be parents. They finally adopted their daughter in Kansas, which hithertofore, I must confess, I had not considered an extremely liberal state.

Why is it so very hard for those who want to be parents to adopt in our State?  I am still stung by Mr. Perez's account from his column:

"Are you a homosexual?'' she asked.
"Excuse me,'' I responded.
It was not the second question she asked, or the third, but the first question once I told her I was interested in adopting.
She represented Our Kids, one of Miami's premiere adoption agencies. Given Florida's anti-gay adoption laws, I didn't blame her for her question, but I didn't like it.
Unwilling to lie, I told her the truth, and the call ended.

When they sought to adopt through another state, they still had to deal with the homestudy engendered in the State of Florida. It was negative for the following reason:

"This agency -- regrettably -- cannot pursuant to Florida Statute 63.042(3) approve either Mr. Perez or Mr. Rinehard for adoption. . . . But for Florida Statute 63.042(3), this agency would highly recommend Mr. Perez and Mr. Rinehard as adoptive parents without reservation.'' 

In a final slap from Florida, after Mr. Perez and his husband were finally able to adopt in Kansas, their insurers refused to let them obtain health insurance for their daughter because the State of Florida does not recognize her adoption by them because they are gay.

How can my state be so wrong, so very sadly wrong? Does it even matter how we got here? We need to find the political and public will to FIX THIS, people.

Hearty congrats to Charles and Keith on the birth of their daughter.

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear that. It's interesting what the criteria is to be a parent. Yesterday I was told that a 15 yo girl lay in a hospital bed after a week of having a urinary tract infection.

    The mother didn't visit once, why? Because she thought she took care of her daughter was the father's responsiblity. The father didn't know until his daughter notified him and she was entered into the hospital that day.

    How very sad to say this woman would have more "qualifications" than someone with a different sexual preference as a parent.

  2. I concur completely Cathy... That poor girl. And frankly, the mother's lack of care makes me think dark thoughts about how that infection might have been acquired. Really so sad.

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  4. Hi Searcher, I think you've posted this on the wrong blog. This blog deals strictly with Gay Adoption rights (or lack thereof) in Florida.

    I think you meant to post on my regular blog,

    I currently have quite a few posts about Iran going. I am NOT anti-Islamist, I am anti-Iranian government that stole the election from its citizens.

  5. Hi. Marzie. sorry my comments are blocked. your name is like a Islamic-Arabic name: Marziah. Are you a Mulsim?

  6. No, I'm actually a sort of Buddhist/Atheist philosophical person.

    Your comments are blocked on Bright Nepenthe? Are you getting redirected? I will try to help you post.

    I was looking at your blog and I've never seen that film. I'd have to say (since I've several good friends who are Muslim) that I'm not at all anti-Islam but I am opposed to Sharia law in many respects because of its treatment of women. But I love much about Iran. My stepmom has traveled there and we have many Iranian friends. It is a young country, with much promise and a great history.

    Let me try to figure out what's up with your not being able to post, and I'll be back in a flash.

  7. Okay, I see you online now from a server in the Republic. (I don't want to give out info for safety reasons, you know?)

    But I don't have any addresses block from inside the Republic at all. the only ones I have blocked are in Canada because of an anti-atheist spammer. Is it possible that the posting capability at your end is blocked because of my content? I have blogged extensively about Neda and Sakineh.

  8. I have no time no enough time to answer comments so I blocked it!!

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  9. Searcher, I'm delighted to meet you. I'll watch your film. Be safe. Peace to you.