Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Data and Maybe Eventually New Policy? Let's Hope So, Florida.

In a great blog post today in the NY Times,  Lisa Belkin says "Data drives policy. Or, at least, it should." She cites a new article in the journal Applied Developmental Science, by Farr, et al, titled:  “Parenting and Child Development in Adoptive Families: Does Parental Sexual Orientation Matter?” which finds no indications that a ban on homosexual adopters is based in factual risk to children. "From a policy perspective, our results provide no justification
for denying lesbian and gay adults from adopting children... Indeed, barring adoptions to prospective lesbian and gay parents seems likely to produce a number of undesirable outcomes." This is but the latest in a flood of articles on the topic of that also include "US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of 17-Year-Old Adolescents" which is available for free from the premier journal Pediatrics.

These two articles are great additions to the arsenal of arguments as to why the sexual orientation of an adopter is not as important as the parenting skills and commitment of the adopter. 

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